Quick Background
Most of my experience comes from working in the desert environment where I have used kite and balloon photography to record archaeological sites . The Helium Balloon Set-up takes minutes and allows me to take hundreds of shots within the space of an hour.

Real Estate and Portraits
Recently, I've branched out and taken real estate shots for friends selling their properties and have also carried out portrait shots as gifts for friends. My friends liked the results so much they urged me to offer my services to a wider public. I initially used  Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) but found that the wind dependency limited the times I could carry out my photography. I built the helium balloon system to give me greater flexiblity, especially for the great climate we have in Southern California.

Custom-Built Balloon Photography Systems
I can build camera rigs to order. I use a 5-ft-diameter helium balloon that lifts a camera cradle housing a Canon Powershot S70, which has a resolution of over 7 megapixels. The shutter is activated via a remote infrared signal.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a rig for a field trip you may be planning.
Real Estate photos for Leon Garcia in San Bernardino Mountains.

Launching of Southland Aerial Photography

Real Estate photos for Coldwell Banker in Mentone.

Started my new job at ECORP Consulting Inc., as an Archaeological Field Director. Have to put Southland Aerial Photography on hold till I'm settled in.

Added a Canon Powershot S70 to my existing rig. I can now take photos at 7.1 megapixel resolution.

Took aerials at Montessori in Redlands to celebrate World Peace Day.